Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Our Family of Four

Here We Go

Dear Friends,
Well, we are living amidst a herd of boxes at present, cowering beneath their intimidating presence. We are quickly filling Great Aunt Mary's basement with our worldly possessions (why do we always call them "worldly", what would be the alternative, "otherworldly"?). I like her high-pitched exclamations of "how in the world could all of this have come from that little house?". You don't think you have much until it looms in stacks and stacks.
These last few weeks have been, well, rottenly busy and stressful. It gets to all of us, all the packing, good-byeing, sorting, in short, all the transition. Sophia is probably wondering where Mommy's horns and pointy tail came from (and how to rid me of them). I came apart a few days ago- I layed despondent and weeping on our bathroom floor (I like to be dramatic when I'm sad), and Dustin came in (he's used to my drama) and simply laid his hands on me and prayed. Such a simple thing, he prayed for peace in our home and in our hearts in this time. Whaddayaknow, it worked. How we forget that God loves to be invited into the "ordinary" in our lives, I don't know. His "divine interference" is what we often can look back on with such gratitude and yet fail to project onto current and future worries and cares.
I've been asked of late whether I feel "ready" for Chile. I have no answer for that. My readiness for anything is rather more immediate in nature. "I'm ready for dessert", "I'm ready to pack the linens", "I'm ready to throw packing peanuts at my husband" and the like. I'll let you know later if I was "ready".
So, we leave Friday, the 30th for Puerto Montt, Chile. Your prayers are coveted and appreciated!
Love In Christ,
Sarah Lenora Gingrich

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Puerto Montt, Chile
Dear Friends,

Well, it seems that I have succumbed to the whiles of the digital age. Here's my blog. It will mostly contain poetry and brief updates on what we're up to. Pictures will be forthcoming, they challenge my technology-impaired self as of now. But, I give myself credit-I didn't even know what a blog was until a month ago, HA! Blessings!

"Bid Me Come" a poem

Bid Me Come
by: Sarah Gingrich
Away from prying eyes
I wish to walk
Wish to walk.
Away from prying eyes for to see
The beauty in the Quiet.
Yes, the beauty in the Quiet
Where water, tree, and
shadow bid me come.