Friday, June 17, 2011

Life Here

Here we are : ).

Life here.
It's different and well,
I reacted.
Tears, tiredness, loss.

Can I say
how very thankful I am?
The children, each one, has bloomed
in this new place
in new ways.
They find the great delight, though
Mom was numb and sad.

thank you....
for your patience with me
as I learn to live here again....
to engage...
and yet remain this new person
that God shaped in Chile.
I make mistakes.
Forgive me.

We are being caught
in the divine plot
to make us trust
in Him.
Finances run dry.
Needs that way run high.

We are learning.
Books that teach and reach us.
Conflicts which point us to new ways
of seeing.

We are blessed by our church family
and families
and friends.
Eggs arrive every week
in our church mailbox.
Giftcards for gas and food.
Thoughtful words.

Please pray for us.
~spiritual renewal
~for our Missionary Support Team

Thank you.
Sarah :)