Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Adventures

The little ones on a recent trip to Isla Chiloe, where we visited the Millersville student who is teaching English in Quemchi, Janelle Weaver. Good times!

Our church has recently rented a house in our neighborhood to hold our meetings in. Together we've been working at cleaning up the grime the previous tenants left behind.

Relationships continue to grow in our barrio (neighborhood). Here we're at one neighbor's house for their son's birthday party.

The rowing kid's Bible study has blessed us tremendously. Another family member of Yoya's is now coming faithfully as well! We're on John chapter 18 now, and we are continually amazed that God has so gotten a hold of their hearts that they continue to come each Monday night and participate. Praise God!

Thanks so much for taking time to see what we're up to, and please keep praying that Christ would be known among our friends here in Chile!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jailed in the Month of May

I rage against the swallowing-up of days, of lives

spent making "life"

accomplishment, commitments, jobs, meetings, schedules, sports, hobbies

We crave excellence, but her altar demands a weighty sacrifice

our very life, frittered away

The unique joy and expectation of an unmapped day is relegated to remembrances of childhood summers long past

when the turn of our handlebar chose our route and where a mind captive only to imagination was writing the adventure with flowing script

I am hounded by calenders, clocks, and tasks which owe their heaviness to the mere fact that they refuse to follow the rythym of life

they take no sunset into account

no sick friend in need of hot soup and talk

no clatter of the mind which could be worked out with a good hour's peace and silence

Calenders mark days in rigid squares

ready to be diced up and consumed


To whom do I give ear?

The clamor of a world gone mad, drunk on busyness and productivity??

Or the voice of an ardent lover

who finds no waste in hours spent in prayer

who would rather I linger, toes in the sand, singing to Him above the crash of waves

than be a productive resounding gong

Our way of "life" is killing our hearts

and with that death we've lost our eyes to see Him

to hear Him!

And we are jailed in the month of May.