Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Big Four!

Ah...the week of balloons, frosting, wrapping paper, and candles has drawn to a close.
Our little Sophia turned four yesterday! She had two neighborhood girls, two ballet friends, and three little girls from church over to celebrate.
I was quite surprised at the chaos (remember I'm still rather new at this whole mother thing), but was so glad that Sophia had a great time.
I enjoyed spending time with the mothers, three of whom do not know the Lord. It was a joy to see them interact with my Christian friends and find things in common.
Sophia received many fun gifts, including her first bicycle, a toy cash register, a tiarra, and a drum. Before the little ones started in on the food, we had a prayer that God would bless it and Sophia on her special day. When we said "Amen", she piped up and said she wanted to pray too. She proceeded to do Spanish! She said, "Gracias Jesus por la comida y que eso es el cumpleanos de Sophia". (Thank you Jesus for the food and that this is Sophia's birthday). Too cute.
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos Edison!!!

We live near a small airport, so we're constantly hearing airplanes pass over. Edison loves to run to the front window and try to see them, yelling "Mommy! Air-pain!". I put a little bunny flying the one on his cake as he and I "play bunnies" at bedtime. All you have to do is make a peace sign with your fingers, bend the tips in a bit for a good flopsy look, and there you have your "bunny". Then your bunny should use its' ears for tickling and should chase the other "bunnies" around and eventually give them kisses goodnight. He loves this game; so much so that he actually spoke in his sleep the other night, saying "Bunny....where are oooo?" while holding his little "bunnies" up in the air. So uproariously cute.
For little man's birthday we had over his Chilean "grandparents" and their three daughters and another married couple from our church. It was a great day to try out his new tricycle with grandma Gigi!
Below Edison jams with Coni and Cole on his new guitar : ).
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Free Fish, Mohawks, and Bellies

Look at this beautiful salmon!! More beautiful yet is the fact that it was a gift from my rowing friend Carmen Gloria's family. She came by after church and gave it to me, and it swiftly went into the oven with lots of butter and garlic...mmmmm. It was neat too, in that I was craving salmon like crazy but we didn't have cash for it and God met that desire!
Here's little man fresh from the shower and sporting a stylish mohawk.

And finally for all of you who want to see baby #3's progress, here's my latest belly picture. Preganancy is going fine; I just feel like I could sleep for days on end...easily. In other news, Dustin and I have learned Canasta....please pray for him....he has Canasta Rage...I totally stomped on him the last two games (har har har har). Blessings!
Your Most Devoted, Sarah
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Friday, August 10, 2007

Life at the Moment

" you mind? This is embarrassing enough, thank you very much." In our rare day at home we have been trying to teach Edison the ins and outs of underpants (literally speaking) and what a potty is for. The one time he was successful in peeing in his "turtle potty" he ended up spraying me, the floor, and who knows where else as he hasn't quite mastered the whole concept of "pee-pee down".
What can you do with a worn-out momma? For those who have been bugging me for a photo of my pregnant self, I send an authentic one: Sarah tired out from folding laundry. Why Dustin took this I know not.
Ah, evidence. This is why I often seem distracted if I'm talking to you online. Why they insist on squeezing themselves down by my feet, I cannot say; I must just be super fun. Ha ha. Lastly here's a picture of my little ballerina before we left this morning for ballet. Dustin was supposed to be home from Isla. Chiduapi this afternoon, but due to fierce winds is stranded on the island, possibly until tomorrow : (. Please pray for his safe return.
Your Most Devoted, Sarah
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