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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life In Little Kidville

Guest Author: Edison James Gingrich

So, here's me and my friend Eliana. She's only ten months old but man can she yell good. She's pretty fast too (hence, the blur). She already discovered my potty. She comes over with her two brothers, Zachary and Ethan, and they bring their parents along. Mommy and Daddy laugh long and hard whenever they get together with them and they play odd games on the table which we're not allowed to mess with. How fun it would be to throw a ball in the middle of their intricate boardgames! Sigh....
This is my little brother, Reuben. I like to give him kisses and get very upset when I can't see him on demand. He's pretty happy most of the time. Pretty bald too. He has an enormous dimpled bottom. Mommy calls it cell you light, or something like that. Him and I are in the same size diapers now. Yes, I still wear them. Is that a problem? Sometimes I tell Mommy and Daddy that I need to use the potty just so that I can make them sit on the bathroom floor and listen to me talk on and on.
There's my sister Sophia. She's a trip. She has to wear glasses and patches to help her eyes, but she doesn't complain at all, and I think that's pretty cool. We love each other a lot. The other day we made chocolate molded candies together as a gift for our Grandma Gingrich. We sure love her!

We're meeting new friends and old friends that I guess we forgot about. We're going to lots of parks with fun toys to play on and we get to play with other kids who speak English! It's fun too to have Mommy and Daddy around a lot, as they're on something they call "Fur Low". I don't know what exactly they do on Fur High. Anyways, I'd better go take my nap now.
Yours Truly, Edison James Gingrich I
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