Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Tribute to the World's Silliest Dad

To my husband, father of my children...

How fun for our children to have a pops like you! May you always delight in tickle torture, tossing the children up in the air (and hopefully catching them), chasing them till they're overcome with giggles, and spoon fighting (being much more practical at this juncture than swords, though Sophia still delivers a good "rap" on the knuckles now and then!).

You are a great Dad!

Your Sarah

Friday, July 14, 2006

A Day In Our Life...

To my most amiable readers;
Why such a soggy Dustin?? Well, for some reason, our chimney pipe overheated or imploded or something, and as I sat in our kitchen of an evening, I smelled something "funny". Thinking I had perhaps put the clothes drying rack too close to our woodstove, I went to check, only to see a flickering brightness near our ceiling.
It took a second from seeing the flames jutting out across the ceiling till in my mind's eye the whole house was a fireball...but I did manage to yell for Dustin that our ceiling was apparently on fire. He sent me to go find Mike, our coworker who lives above our apartment, whose windows look out onto our roof. So, grabbing Edison (Sophia being seated safely out of harm's way) I ran outside and into their home, dashing into their living room (with a noticeable lack of decorum), looking to see if our roof was ablaze. Their living room was filling with smoke but I couldn't see any flames. Not finding Mike, I dumped Edison in their eight-year old's arms and dashed to their kitchen to find a pot to dump water with. Spotting an enamel stockpot which was dutifully soaking some utensils and dishes, I fished them out (more of that aforementioned lack of decorum here), and took the pot, potato chunks and all, and flung the dishwater out over the roof, hearing much sizzling and commotion below, as Dustin was in the process of throwing water up at the ceiling in a mad frenzy. The fire was put out, and Mike and Dustin took apart the stove pipe to try to ascertain the cause, but nothing obvious was found. Very scary!

Such adventures we have. They make for good laughs after the fact. Like our hotpot bursting into flames, leaving hot melted plastic and a scorched table in its wake. Or the time Dustin was away in the mountains and the fierce wind wrenched one of our windows open in the middle of the night, making me think someone was in the house, and I the only one to protect us! And of course in rowing, my tales are endless...curious sea lions, huge waves, boat traffic, amorous fishermen!

Not every day is startling or jarring, but the adventures are never few nor far between!
Posted by Picasa But our greatest adventure has been to trust God in His leading us here; to trust His purposes are at work when we struggle to communicate or relate to the people here. Please continue to lift us up in prayer as we walk out our call here in Chile.

Your Most Devoted,

Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock..."

To My Most Amiable Readers,

Blessings! To my Christian readers, I have a prayer request. It seems that God has opened a door for Dustin and I to host a Bible study in our home weekly with the youth from the rowing club. We've been making inquiries here and there if there would be interest in that sort of thing, and the response has been a resounding "Yes!". Praise be to God for this opportunity!!
As for preparation; we would like a covering of prayer; that we would have wisdom and ears closely listening to the Father as we speak of Him in word and deed. Also, please pray that I would be able to translate discipleship materials in a way readily understandable and clear to the youth. We are excited that God has opened this door; we're excited that we can rest in Him, that He holds all the plans, we being tools in His hands.
Today we were out on Tenglo Island, participating in the weekly Kid's Bible Club. What a gorgeous day!!! And what sweet children! They learned today of Moses being put in the Nile and taken up by the Pharoah's daughter as they munched down their jam sandwiches and hot chocolate. Their mothers come too and talk around the woodstove, passing the mate (a tea served in a common gourd). Their older brothers also come, mostly for the ping-pong playing and soccer. As we were walking home we saw a brilliant rainbow arching out over the ocean and I had to smile, remembering God's promise, His love. How blessed we are to be His children!!
To my non-Christian readers, so sorry to have ignored you, won't you come and know Him who calls to you? He loves you. He desires your love in return. In Him is life, and love, and joy abundant! But He won't force you; it is His way to let His creation choose, that He might have the joy of being freely loved! Won't you speak with Him? What do you have to lose?

Your Most Devoted,

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Crawl Your Way to a Skinnier You!

Before crawling...

Posted by Picasa After crawling!!!

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