Thursday, February 28, 2008


To My Most Amiable Readers.....
One phrase as of late has completely lost its usefulness for us. Home. We talk of going "back home" to Chile...people ask us how it is being "home" again (in Pennsylvania). Family "back home" in Montana ask when we're coming "home". Well, "home" for the moment is this lovely home above; Dustin's cousin Rod and his wife Sherry's farmhouse. We live in the basement suite (not our first in our nomadic life, but certainly the nicest). Ammenities include but are not limited to: a garbage disposal (never had one and am admittedly fascinated with and frightened by it), a dishwasher (I am in astonishment at how much of my time is NOT spent doing dishes), an ice and water dispenser on the refrigerator door (I am drinking like a camel and not ashamed; how tasty, how easy!), and a lighted well covered by thick plexiglass that you can stand on top of and get the willies, any time of day.
Above all, though, the kids are quite taken with the increment snowfall. Yes, we get snow in Chile, but not in Puerto Montt, on the Andes behind us. So, they say things like, "Wow! Mommy, it's snowing!!! (pause) Is it Christmas?"(ideas picked up from books, as Christmas in Chile is watermelon, sun, swimming, beach time). No matter how little the remaining mounds of snow are, Sophia just MUST jump on it a bit before she'll go in. Here we are enjoying the kids' first snow experience. For you fashionistas out there (I mean you Pavel), yes, I happen to think mustard mittens go quite nicely with a pink coat, thank you very much.
So, Reuben was basically immobile and such being the case was sent solo down the hill in this disc with Mommy running behind melodramatically crying, "MY BABY! MY BABY!". Too bad that the snow wasn't a bit deeper; Sophia's first ever snow angel ended up being a "grass angel" once formed ; ). Maybe this is the only way some of us will wake up about global warming...when we feel glad to be able to make tiny snowmen and sled on an inch of snow....I"home"...what a concept. To those who have one, I am glad for you, and thank you for the hospitality you've extended through it. For those who don't, I understand you; let's continue in the adventure of the nomadic life with all the lessons and blessings it brings
Good day!
Your Most Devoted, Sarah.
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mexico! Parte Dos!

Our next big excursion was to Xcaret Park which featured...well, just tons of stuff. Ricky and Megan, Mike and Michele, Dustin, and I all snorkeled through an underground river (so fun!) together while Mom and Dad kept all 6 grandkids! At the end the river opened up to the ocean and there were gorgeous fish everywhere!
My sister and I also had the once in lifetime experience of swimming with a dolphin! Here the dolphin is racing at top speed around our group. They're so strong!! It felt like we were in a washing machine!
Here's Michele and I "dancing" with the dolphin ; ). Below is a baby spider monkey. The kids so enjoyed seeing all the wildlife! Thanks again Mom and Dad!!! What a trip!
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Here are very brief glimpses of our recent adventures in Mexico with my family. Based out of Cancun, we explored the Mayan ruins of Chitchen Itza, pictured here.
Below is the observatory, which still stuns modern astromomists with its accuracy. This was the only ruin which was still permitable to climb, and that only to a certain point. We had such a great time viewing this site which rambles in and out of jungle, and even got a thorough tropical soaking which left us looking (and probably smelling) like drowned rats : ).
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