Sunday, March 26, 2006

"Peace" Posted by Picasa
Eduardo, Christian, Mike, and Dustin in Llanada Grande Posted by Picasa
Picture from Dustin's latest trip to Llanada Grande. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 23, 2006

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Some introductions....this is Eduardo and Juanite, our Chilean co-missionaries. Juanita looks a bit tired in this picture for good reason. She was in the middle of preparing food for fifteen children during our church's Christian camp we held in Tenglo. Posted by Picasa
Meet Vonnie and Gigi, good friends and coworkers with the Amor Viviente church. Posted by Picasa

From the Resident Poet...

The Hedge
For only two days
I waited at the hedge
You appearing
Would have gone with you
Two days pushing gravel
with my boot
Glances up the lane
and straining for sign
Most of me yet there
as I left
that day my heart
at the hedge
Sarah Gingrich, March 2006
The wee ones! Posted by Picasa
My darlings. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sort of reminds me of hiking and fishing with Edison on my back through the Andes! Posted by Picasa
Filippe (my rowing teacher) and Edison at the National Rowing Finals. Posted by Picasa

God's Protection

To my most amiable readers;
So I'm still getting the hang of this rowing's quite an art, and one not easily mastered. So Wednesday I got in my boat and was rowing along a line of docked yachts, I rowed past the last one and found myself in the direct path of a large fishing boat. If I rowed forward it would only take me three or four strokes to get out of his way. The thing is, rowing forward is very tricky and I'm terrible at it. If I tried that it's doubtful I would get out of the way in time. So I had to row backwards, putting myself even more in his path, but it was the only way to move quickly. The men on deck were laughing at me, obviously sensing my panicky, jerky movements. Clearing the boat I quickly (quick for me,not for an experienced rower) turned my boat parallel to theirs to take the waves headed at me. If you point in to the waves, the water leaps into your boat (the boats are only about four inches above water line). These were the biggest waves I had taken so I tried to remain calm and keep balance. Ahh...that's not quite. As I was still taking waves, I turned to see yet another boat heading my way! Away I went again, trying to make my shaky arms and legs work. By this time I was on the other side of the channel, frazzled, taking in the waves of the second boat. Wow...thanks God! I've decided I like rowing, I dislike water traffic. I felt like an amish buggy on a highway.
Your Devoted, Sarah

Sunday, March 12, 2006 we get a little bored sometimes. She is wearing a beautiful headpiece crafted of the finest cut-up water jug with the embellishment of a broken spikey rubbery ball type thing. Dustin stretched that ball over his entire head one time (he's the reason plastic bags have warnings on them) and it snapped up to his nose, dragging his upper lip up to his nostrils in a bizarre snarling expression. I have a video, send check or money order to... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Llanada Grande Posted by Picasa
A right fine salmon, though a bit on the smallish side... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Our four new sisters in Christ! Posted by Picasa
Hiking in Llanada Grande at night. Posted by Picasa
Bringing in the milk, which will be made into cheese with Vera. We camped on her land during our mission trip to Llanada Grande. Posted by Picasa


To My Most Amiable Readers,

A hike, a shuttle bus, a ferry, another bus, and a car trip later, we're home from the mountains. Wow, what a time! For those who are less than up to date, we went up into the Andes with our Chilean co-missionaries, Eduardo, Juanita, and their two children for five days. We made base camp on our Chilean friend's property in an area called Llanada Grande. From there we hiked to different families living in isolation, encouraging the believers and sharing Jesus.

On Saturday we hiked about two hours in, enjoying the beautiful mountains and seeing the flocks of sheep and cows meandering free in the valleys. Having no water and little food, we sustained ourselves on the wild blackberries, plentiful along the trail. We then went fishing (Dustin in his boxers due to our uncanny ability to get the lures stuck under logs, and I with Edison on my back). I caught a small salmon, too small to keep, but not too small to feel smug about. From there we hiked to the land of a family we had met on the trail the day before.

We shared cafecito (coffee and bread and mate) with them, got to know them, and then Eduardo shared with them that it wasn't enough just to believe in God, that you had to make a personal decision to accept Christ into your heart. When he asked the four daughters if they would like to accept Christ, we heard, "Si. Si. Si. Si." Allelulia! We have four new sisters in Christ!

Thanks be to God for this fruit!!

The trip also had the blessing of teaching us to suffer well. Long hiking with two small children, struggling with the language, washing clothes by hand, being hungry, hot, and grumpy, the long hours on buses and ferries, and bathing by means of five-gallon bucket...God taught us to persevere and continue to do good, praising Him for each small blessing. Of note; while we were hiking for a long time I was so thirsty and prayed that God would provide for me a glass of nice cold water. About an hour later we visited the aforementioned family and the first thing that greeted us on entering their home were large glasses of ice-cold coke!! *Which is extraordinary, as they don't have refrigerators.*

Rejoice with us that God is gathering the harvest for His glory! Amen!

Your Devoted Sarah